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Elect Kenneth J. Hildebrandt to the US Congress

Where he will represent the Fifth District of the State of Virginia

Election is November 04, 2014


  1. Growing Our Economy by Growing Our Own Oil

    Many have heard of bio-fuels, and in fact there's a bio-fuel plant right in South Boston, the closest city to where my wife Elaine and I live here in Southside, Virginia. However, the bio-fuels being used are oftentimes competition with food while the most efficient bio-fuel by far is NOT being used, i.e., hemp. Not only could hemp be used as bio-fuel but it also has thousands of other uses, and in fact was called a "NEW BILLION-DOLLAR CROP," in the February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics.

    When I questioned presidential candidate Ralph Nader about hemp in October 2004, Mr. Nader referred to hemp as, "....the multibillion dollar crop that would advance our national security by reducing our reliance on foreign oil as well as provide environmentally benign crops and income for hard pressed farmers."*

    * Ken Hildebrandt asked Ralph Nader an important question shortly before the 2004 election. There were a fair number of cameras on him.
    See the Youtube video here Hemp - The Outlawed Solution

    This is the economic shot in the arm this district and this country so desperately needs NOW.

  2. No Uranium Mining

    Please see Number 1 above. We don't need to be endangering our population for energy sources.

  3. Taxes

    People earn money via two avenues only, earth and human resources. The top one percent of income earners were taxed 91% on their uppermost income in 1960 when Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower was president. Now they're taxed just 35%. Pundits argue that the wealthiest are paying X amount of the nation's total federal tax, yet they never point out what's stated in the first sentence, do they?

    I support a more progressive tax structure similar to the Eisenhower years, but only for the top fraction of one percent of income earners, and remember, only on their highest income. Times have changed. The top one percent category should be further broken down into categories, since it's the top fraction of one percent of income earners who are the ones making the most off everyone else.

    Our nation is in financial dire straits, and sacrifices must be made to make up for all the wasteful spending over the last several decades. Therefore I suggest the bottom of the top one percent of income earners be taxed at 45%, which is 5% lower than the rate Reagan originally lowered them to. Before I scare people in this category off, remember that my other issues will more than make up for this "loss."

    It must be borne in mind first and foremost, that the very survival of our species is at stake. Is superfluous income worth more than that? Also, as our society becomes more efficient, and less destructive, all will benefit, even those amongst the very top of income earners, since they too will live in a safer more reasonable world.

  4. Social Security and Medicare

    Remove the cap. This simple solution will eliminate the worry about either one going bankrupt and thus not having our basic needs provided when we get older and/or disabled even though we paid into this and the money is ours!

  5. Our Rights

    All of our hard earned rights must be preserved. Any legislation that has run counter to these rights needs to be reversed immediately.

  6. National Security, Part 1, Foreign Policy

    My wife Elaine and I were living in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. Someone we saw and spoke with on the elevator in the apartment building we lived in was killed in those attacks. Several firefighters we met at our building shortly before the attacks were all killed. I walked with my video camera in hand recording in the opposite direction of the stunned crowds of people who walked northwards towards their homes in the morning of the attacks and interviewed one eyewitness who saw both planes hit the towers as well as people jumping to their deaths.

    Yes, terrorism is real, yet the best way to deal with it is not to invade other sovereign nations based on the actions of a score of renegades but rather to deal with the foundations as to "why they hate us," and it has nothing to do with their hating our freedom. It has to do with our foreign policies in the Middle East in which we, along with Israel, are going against the wishes of the rest of the world. No one seriously denies Israel's right to exist at this point, not even Al Qaeda or Iran, in spite of what's been reported in the "news." I have videos addressing this at

  7. National Security, Part 2, Domestic Policy

    Our nation has more murderers, rapists, thieves, pedophiles and every other kind of real criminal there is at large, due to our law enforcement personnel chasing non-criminals a good portion of their time. Each year over three quarters of a million people are arrested in the US for possession of a plant. Meanwhile, over half a million children reportedly go missing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that more of those children would be found if human resources were not wasted elsewhere. Please think seriously about this the next time the media reports about one of these missing children.

    Cannabis illegality is well documented to be based on silly propaganda, yet its illegality has had a horrible and oftentimes permanent impact on millions of innocent people as well as their loved ones.

    I was in the healing arts, and human beings should not harm others just because "it's the law." Even conservatives such as Sarah Palin and Pat Robertson have called for its decriminalization. Additionally, police officers, prosecutors and judges have formed a group with the acronym, LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, so it's far from "political suicide" for someone in office to stand against this needless suffering and mass inefficiency that leaves more real criminals of every kind at large amongst our population.

    LEAP website | LEAP on Wikipedia | Read the LEAP Blog | LEAP on Facebook | LEAP on Twitter

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